Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Three Faces of Mary

It's officially summer for Joey Versaw's Mary Magpie doll debuts her trilogy of styles for 2017. Ranging from Superhero to vintage bridge tally card lovely, the Summer 2017 collection is bound to please Mary Magpie collectors as well as seduce those who have yet to fall under her spell.

Magnificently crafted by Mr. Versaw out of synthered nylon via 3-D printing, each Mary Magpie doll then undergoes a hand painting process that is artistic, detailed, exact, and above all, a pure expression of Mr. Versaw's drawing and painting style. Many collectors find it hard to believe that the dolls' face-ups are not executed using templates and air brushing. As such, the Mary Magpie doll marries advanced computer graphics and printing processes and the old age art of hand painting a doll's features.

"Bronzed in Beauty"

Mary Magpie shines as a strong and powerful superheroine. Her sculpted body suit is also 3-D printed and then painted by Mr. Versaw. Her articulated body guarantees plenty of action heroine poses.

"Birthday Cake"

"Birthday Cake" is Mr. Versaw's innovative vision of a 25th-century Marie Antoinette. This amazing creation comes with two birdcages with tiny little canaries and 3-D printed shoes. Her face-up palette is as luscious as a display of macarons at Ladurée.


Based on vintage bridge tally card art from the 1930s, redhead finger wave Mary sports a delightful print romper with removable green blouse.

Each style is a limited edition of five.

Mary Magpie's Boutique

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Head and Heart

The evolution of independent artist Joey Versaw's work continues to amaze Dolldom for the innovative nature of its concepts as well as for the dedication to producing a superior hand painted and styled doll.

New for the summer of 2017 is a line of vinyl beauties using the immediately popular Flannery head sculpt previously seen as part of Mr. Versaw's 3-D printed doll collection. An accompanying male doll featuring the Gum head sculpt make up the fantastic A Little Head collection.

Limited to editions of twenty dolls per wave, each style will have a different look and design. The first one, inspired by the late eighties early nineties, is titled "Killer Splash" and will be followed by a beach-themed wave and then by a rhinestone cowboy wave. A total of eight waves will complete the collections offered using these two head sculpts. With only one hundred Gum heads and one hundred Flannery heads broken down to five colors, only twenty of each color are available per character, making each doll very limited and collectible.

For this Dolldom exclusive, a "Bombshell Brunette" Flannery shows off her undeniable character and beauty. She also exemplifies the joy of doll play.

To inquire more about A Little Head or to purchase your own, visit Mr. Versaw's boutique.

In a LBD designed by Bill Greening for Barbie, Flannery is all attitude.

A diaphanous jumper is a modern evocation of a delicate bloom.

Mod-inspired in Francesca Pigliapoco's chain link mini dress, Flannery defines the golden standard.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Peel Me a Grape

Joey Versaw's fantastic Mary Magpie is ready for spring. The ever-creative Mr. Versaw has created a new version of ultra limited edition dolls for 2017, one of which is "Up in Smoke" Mary Magpie.

Meant to evoke the style of vintage boudoir dolls from the 1920-30s, Mary exudes the attitude of a seasoned diva in her sparkly strapless jumpsuit and platinum tresses.

Mary Magpie, the world's first-ever 3-D printed fashion doll, continues to redefine what a fashion doll can do.

Mary Magpie's Boutique

Sofa by D. Cole for Retros
Bar cart by Morrison Studios

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno!

There are times when one prefers to hide. To shun the exterior in order to enjoy, even for a little while, the pleasures of solitude. And so a doll's day of incognito goes...

But who is this character who plays cache-cache with the voluptuous collar of her hand knitted dress?

And who made the dress? It's all so mysterious! Perhaps if we follow her a tab bit longer, she will reveal her identity.

It's Sylvain! Julian S. Kalinowski's new character who along with her two "sisters" make up the new terrific trio known as the S-Girls. "Sylvain, darling who are you wearing?"

"Bruno Farfalllo pour Homme!" - Sylvain responds in her husky voice.

Of course! Bruno Farfallo by Lu Bodaczny offers luxurious hand knits to fit all shapes and sizes.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Guava and Lime

It's been a while since Séverine by Julian S. Kalinowski graced the pages of Dolldom. To make up for this absence, the beautiful and curvaceous woman of five hundred faces models a very special designer's work and a very first for her: Mode de M by Mark G. Harris.

Mode de M, known for its beautiful associations of colors, textiles, and vintage notions, has created a mouth-watering concoction for a OOAK (aren't they all?) white haired and pale-lipped Séverine. The ensemble, called "Guava and Lime" is meant to take Séverine from day to evening with just a few adjustments.

The charming and most loquacious Mr. Harris explains: "This chic cocktail ensemble is composed of a strapless silk taffeta sheath and lime green silk dupioni spencer jacket that is self-lined. The buttons are opaque glass embellishments from the 1930's."

"The dress has a built-in hip drape meant to visually flatter Séverine's lush hip proportions." - Mr. Harris adds. Dolldom could not appreciate this detail more, for it you have it, why not flaunt it? A silk pillbox and jewelry from the Barbie Fashion Model Collection and Séverine is ready to take on a day of important appointments. But what about evening?

A quick switch of the spencer jacket for a vintage recycled mink stole by Liz Retros and La Séverine is ready to scintillate all night long.

Dolldom thanks Mark G. Harris' Mode de M for sharing his talent with us. For more information on Mode de M, visit the boutique.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tweed in the City

2017's Barbie Fashion Model Collection heads back to the atelier. At the very least, this year's line is serving dollectors a well-thought out menu of delights. Starting with the beautiful brunette version of "Classic Black Dress" and now moving into a timeless fashion staple: the tweed suit. "Black and White Tweed Suit Barbie" forecasts an elegantly beautiful spring with its dose of high glam.

The double-breasted jacket and skirt are accompanied by a coquettish and perfectly scaled polka dot bow.

Accessories abound: a white straw hat, golden pearl cabochon earrings, black gloves, black leatherette purse with golden lock charm, and a new shoe design adorned with gold painted chain.

Barbie is a redhead in this iteration. A simple pulled back hair style ends in a short ponytail gathered neatly by a matching hair net.  Barbie's make-up is lush: creamy coral lips and joyful Caribbean cyan eyeshadow complement her brown eyes.

To Dolldom, "Black and White Tweed" Barbie is a total look doll, not unlike its predecessor "Walking Suit" Barbie. But undoubtedly, dollectors will redress and restyle this eye catching, fully articulated beauty.

Black and White Tweed Suit Barbie

Sunday, March 19, 2017

East Meets West

Dolldom celebrates the announcement of JAMIEshow's 2017 convention. Lucky collectors may again get ready for the fun and beauty organized by George González and his team as they host another elegant affair.

This year's theme - East Meets West - promises to be nothing short of breathtaking. In addition, for the first time in five years (not since 2008's The Girls of Dream City, when Oona made her mysterious appearance), special guest Mel Odom will introduce a new character to his line of JAMIEshow Gene Marshall dolls.

Rumors are flying rampant as to who this new star of Monolithic Studios will be? Could it be studio exec Reuben Lillienthal? Or Erik von Sternberg, the director who discovered Gene? Or perhaps Cora Harper, gossip columnist extraordinaire? Maybe we are in for an even greater surprise!

To make the wait until June 23-25 more bearable, Dolldom presents an East Meets West fantasy starring Gene Marshall. Inspired by the art direction and fashions of the Kar-Wai Wong 2001 unforgettable masterpiece In the Mood for Love, starring Maggy Cheung and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Dolldom features "Hollywood Canteen" Miss Gene Marshall in a pure silk qipao by Canadian designer Kristoff.

Mr. Kristoff explains: "This Chinese inspired sheath is made of vintage Chinese silk brocade and lined with deep purple silk. It is slit to the upper thigh on both sides so you can pose your doll a la "Jolie". Small weights are sewn inside the corners of the front and back hem so that the dress hangs properly."

A raven bouffant wig by Time of Doll and golden hoops by Joy Jarred complete the circa 1962 look.

Do not miss "East Meets West" in Chicago on June 23rd through the 25th at Chicago's historic Allerton Warwick Hotel, with special guest Mel Odom.